Rhino Health Watch: Coronavirus Awareness

Rhino Health Watch: Coronavirus Awareness

Rhino Health Watch: Coronavirus Awareness

Dominating the headlines as of late has been the global viral epidemic known as the “Coronavirus.” We wanted to take some time this week to give you a snapshot of the “super virus” in order to better understand it and simple measures you can take to best protect yourself. 

Believed to have originated in the Wuhan region of China, the virus has been classified as a zoonotic, meaning it was originally transferred from animal to human. It is a cluster of known viruses that have turned into a “Super Virus,” one that had yet to be discovered and therefore cannot yet be properly treated.

The Coronavirus has affected an estimated 31,000 people since its discovery on December 31, 2019, with this number rising daily. The symptoms of Coronavirus present very similarly to the common flu, and include coughing, fever, shortness of breath and aching. It is a respiratory virus and is known to mask itself as a “Walking Pneumonia” where infected individuals can spread it even before being sick enough at the start for hospitalization. This is a very new and lethal virus that is spreading at a rapid rate. That being said, however, there are precautions you can take to better protect yourself from the virus. The World Health Organization has made the following recommendations:

  1. Wash your hands frequently or more frequently than average. It’s still not fully known how this virus is transmitted so do wash your hands after touching any and all public surfaces and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  1. Keep social distance. It is likely thought to be airborne so please do keep between 1-3 feet of distance between you and strangers if possible, and avoid anyone with symptoms of fever or the flu.
  1. Try and keep antibacterial wipes, sprays, masks, etc. handy when in public or when travelling. For those working on the frontlines in healthcare, your organization will likely have additional safeguards in place. Your workwear could also use some extra protection to fend off the super-virus and other bugs. Rhino’s line of premium scrubs including Flex, Flex Extreme and our brand-new Ultimate Jogger scrubs all offer antibacterial protection.

  2. If you or anyone you know show any symptoms of the Coronavirus, please do seek medical attention as it often does present as just a regular flu and fever to start.

The Coronavirus is an intermediate health risk at the moment and is closely being monitored. There is no need for panic. Do your best to stay safe by heeding these precautions. Wishing you good health, always.

-The Rhino Team