Goal Setting for 2020…This is YOUR year!

Goal Setting for 2020…This is YOUR year!

Goal Setting for 2020…This is YOUR year!

The world tends to be split between those who actively believe in “New Year’s Resolutions” and those who do not.  We at Rhino believe in bettering yourself throughout the year, but feel each new year brings a fresh perspective and new goals to focus on.

Goals are of course personal in nature; however, we have a few examples of goals to get you into the right mindset to start your year off right!

1. Put yourself first this year

Working in healthcare, your life is structured around taking care of others; it’s your job but also likely second nature to you, which means you’re constantly giving and putting the needs of others first. But what about yourself? You cannot be your best self for others if your own battery is running on low. Take time to ask yourself in scenarios like going to an event for example “Is this something I would actually like to do and that will better me in some way or another or am I just going to make someone else happy?” There is no shame in needing to recharge and practice some self-care this year. As far as self-care goes, try practicing saying yes and “I deserve this.” Go get that pair of extra comfy premium scrubs you’ve been wanting from Rhino, prioritize getting a full night’s sleep after a night shift, or even treat yourself to that overpriced latté you’ve been craving…because you deserve it!

2. Have a weekly activity booked

Your life in the last year has likely been extremely busy due to the high demands of having a job in healthcare. Balancing work, life, family, etc. takes up all of your time and maybe you’ve had to veto your favourite past times/hobbies to prioritize everything else.

We recommend setting a goal to try to find one hour a week to spend on yourself doing your favourite activity. Whether that’s a yoga class, the gym, taking a night class to up your own knowledge, painting or something else. Taking some time to do something that you really love really makes a world of difference over time and gives you something to look forward to during your hectic week.

3. Do something you’re scared of this year

This sounds like a cliché, but it can completely change how your year can go and add new adventure into your life. Maybe scary to you is making big moves like applying for an upgrade at work, moving to a new city or adding a new member of the family into your life. They don’t have to be as drastic as these, but consider making the decisions that you’ve had tucked away for “one day” and do them now. This is YOUR year. Go ahead and take the leap, you've got this!

We wish you a year filled with success, confidence, new adventures…and of course comfy scrubs!

- The Rhino Team

Author: Sierra U. from the Rhino Work Boutique Team