A Purchase With Heart

Change that can be seen...

Since 2004, the creators of Rhino have been involved in the building of the Al-Ihsan Women's Vocational Centre in Bangladesh.

Starting from humble beginnings of a small tin-shed house for 30 students to be educated and vocationally trained, the centre has been able to enjoy gradual and consistent growth since then.



Original School



Upgraded Buildings



New Building

A Purchase With Heart

The power of $1

At Rhino, we believe every girl deserves the right to an education. The ability to fulfill her dreams should not be hindered by societal circumstances or destitution.

This belief elicited a need to be proactive creators of positive social change. With this, the $1 Rhino Purchase With Heart initiative was born.  

Your purchase has power. For every Rhino product sold, $1 is donated to the Al-Ihsan Vocational Centre, a school for girls in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is home to our manufacturing facilities. We want to ensure we leave a positive impact on the surrounding community which gives our garments a heartbeat.

The school provides room and board for orphans and the homeless, as well as primary education and hands-on job training to equip underprivileged young women with the resources needed to break the cycle of impoverishment and create a better future.

A Purchase With Heart