Acing It! Study Tips for Medical and Nursing Students

The road to a degree or certificate in healthcare and the medical field can seem like an eternity when you’re a student. From taking 6-8 classes back to back, to clinicals, to practicums, to getting your hours in -- it’s a lot of work! But this is such a crucial time in your journey to your dream career, and while it can seem overwhelming, you should also be able to enjoy as much of it as possible! To help you do just that, we have come up with a few ways to help make studying a little more stress free :)

  1. Review: Try reviewing what you learned in class on your own as soon as you get out. Everyone has a different learning style and some learning is best done out of class. Fully try to understand the notes you wrote and do your best to review everything. The more you review and understand, the more you will be able to retain and later recall. 
  1. Study groups: Study groups are great because they give you the opportunity to get to know others while still getting your work done all together. Others in the group will have different viewpoints or a better grasp on a topic you’re learning that you can benefit from and vice versa. It’s important to try to still keep a social life even in small amounts when you can find time, and if you can, try to schedule a time where you can all get together once a week or more. 
  1. Stay Organized: At the beginning of each semester take time to review the syllabus, get to know what you’re about to be learning and focus on what you will need to prepare. Set up a study schedule so you have plenty of time and aren’t having to cram last minute.
  1. Breathe! Understand there is no such thing as perfection. You cannot learn anything if you don’t fail from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up, just get back up, learn from your mistakes, and do better the next test or next lab.

We hope these study tips help lessen the stress and allow you to enjoy your experience as a medical student to the fullest. Your dream job awaits!

-The Rhino Team

Author: Sierra U. from the Rhino Work Boutique Team