Where to Find Affordable Scrubs

Where to Find Affordable Scrubs

Where to Find Affordable Scrubs

Getting to wear ridiculously comfy scrubs to work each day is definitely a perk of life as a nurse. But with the hands on, and oftentimes messy nature of the job, it can get expensive pretty fast buying enough uniforms (and emergency backups!) to last you through the many busy shifts you take on during the week.

Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place! At Rhino, we’re all about supporting our amazing community of frontline workers and healthcare heroes — including having your back when it comes to affordable, yet high quality, scrub uniforms. We offer unbeatable prices on premium scrubs that deliver unstoppable performance. Because nursing uniforms may be a necessary expense, but they definitely don’t need to break the bank.

When it comes to cheap scrubs, it’s important to remember we’re talking low prices, not low quality. The goal is to save money on your scrub shopping without compromising on quality, function or durability. Even on a budget, your scrubs and medical uniforms need to stand up to the demands of your day.

Male nurse wearing white scrub top and bottom

Did Someone Say Sale?
One of the best ways to score those premium scrubs you’ve had your eye on at the best prices, is to take advantage of seasonal sales. At Rhino, we love a good sale! You’ll find some of our bestselling premium scrubs at prices that can’t be beat during our big sales events including special appreciation week sales for Nurses Week, Black Friday, Boxing Week and more! We’ve been known to include some of our most coveted scrub styles at major discounts to show some extra love and appreciation to our rockstar healthcare customers. It’s one of the best ways to get your hands on your favourite Rhino scrubs at the best prices. Pro-tip: sign up for the Rhino email newsletter to be in the know for all our exclusive sales events! 

Scrub rack with hangers and sale tag

Everyday Affordable Scrubs
Not sale season? No sweat. We’ve still got you. Our collection of Rhino Scrubletix Essential Scrubs offers timeless colours, styles and fits that don't quit — available all year round at everyday budget-friendly prices. Check out some of our favorite affordable nursing scrubs from our essential scrubs collection that deliver the full package for an unstoppable workday at the perfect price point so you don’t have to wait for a sale!

Women wearing periwinkle scrub top scrub, bottom and underscrub top

Student and Nursing Discounts
Another great way to save some extra cash on scrubs is to see if you’re eligible for any special discounts with scrub retailers. At Rhino, we offer some great ones! If you’re a student currently enrolled in a nursing program, you’re able to take advantage of a sweet student discount to save on regular priced merchandise in-store and online! All you need to have is a valid student ID. Similarly, if you’re already on the job, check to see if your organization has any special healthcare employee preferred pricing discounts with retailers. For example, Rhino offers current Island Health Employees a great discount on their regular priced scrub purchases year-round.

Imperfectly Perfect and Pre-loved Scrubs
If you’re not too picky about slight imperfections, you can sometimes find some great deals on scrubs in-store at steep discounts due to minor defects on the garment during production, but that are still perfectly usable. Or if you’re an adventurous deal hunter you may also consider purchasing previously-loved scrubs. While we don’t recommend purchasing used scrubs given the hazards of the job, you can often find some great deals on brand new scrubs sold second-hand with tags still attached from thrift stores or online platforms like Poshmark from customers who perhaps purchased the wrong size or colour. It’s a great way to be sustainable in limiting waste and conscientious in your shopping.

And there you have it! Shopping for affordable scrubs while on a budget doesn’t need to be a struggle. You spend your days doing the important work of saving lives. Your nursing scrubs and work uniforms shouldn’t cost a fortune. While you make the big moves, we’ll make sure you’re able to dress the part without the big price tags. Go on and keep your wallet smiling at Rhino!