Nurse wearing a scrub top and jogger from Rhino's top 5 most comfortable scrubs

Top 5 Most Comfortable Scrubs For Healthcare Professionals

Top 5 Most Comfortable Scrubs For Healthcare Professionals

Okay, let’s face it: you work crazy long, demanding shifts, are on the move non-stop and spend your entire workday in scrubs. A comfortable set of scrubs you can work in with ease is a non-negotiable. You need something that’s functional, but something that also has you feeling your very best on shift. A tall order no doubt, but we’ve got you!

Rhino scrubs are athletically inspired and designed for peak performance and comfort. We use premium fabrics and obsess over the details to bring you workwear that keeps pace with your busy day while feeling amazingly comfy to wear.

What Makes A Comfortable Scrub Uniform?
When it comes to the comfort department in choosing your medical scrub uniforms, you’ll want to keep these considerations in mind.

Feel - Gone are the days of scratchy hospital scrubs you can't wait to get out off (thankfully!). Your scrub options are now filled with dreamy premium fabric blends that actually feel nice to wear. Look for ultra soft fabrics like rayon that are gentle on the skin, aren’t rough or irritating, and basically feel like a happy feathery soft hug supporting you through your day!

Pile of feathers demonstrating the super soft feel of Rhino scrubs that are gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear

Stretch - You’re on the move constantly attending to patients. You need to have scrubs that move as gracefully as you do. You’ll want scrubs that have stretchable fabric like spandex with built-in 2-way or 4-way flex for effortless, unrestricted movement.

Healthcare worker stretching while wearing Rhino flex scrubs with built-in 2-way and 4-way stretch

Breathability - Keep your cool when things get stressful. Search for scrubs that wick away moisture, are lightweight, deliver breathability and offer temperature regulation for all day comfort. Be sure to check out our upcoming blog to get the 411 on the most breathable scrubs from the Rhino collection!

Fit - Fit is one of the most important factors when it comes to comfortable workwear. Pull a goldilocks and make sure they fit “just right!” Your scrubs shouldn’t ride up, slip down or feel too tight. They should be loose enough to allow easy movement, but not too loose and baggy they catch on things, nor too tight that they hinder mobility. Be sure to check out the sizing guides for each style to make sure you score the perfect fit.

Flattering Style - When you look good, you feel good. You’ll feel more comfortable physically and mentally in your work fit with scrubs that flatter your personal style and body type. With Rhino, comfort can be a part of of your scrub wardrobe while also ensuring a polished professional look that complements your personality. You can totally have the best of both worlds!

Rhino's Top 5 Most Comfy Scrubs
Now that you know what to look out for when it comes to comfortable uniforms, we’re sharing our Top 5 most comfortable scrubs that check all the boxes so you can take on the demands of your workday in blissful comfort. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

1. Rhino Luxe Scrubs - designed specifically for that luxurious comfort feel, they’re some of the softest scrubs you’ll ever put on. Seriously. Featuring two-way stretch fabric and a flattering  refined fit. They’re sure to exceed your expectations. Luxe cloud-like softness as comfy as loungewear, but professional enough for work. These are like the Rolls-Royce of comfy scrubs.

2. 14-Pocket Cargo Scrub Jogger - jogger scrubs are some of the most comfy scrub pants you can rock for your workday. It’s no surprise they’re on our top 5 list more than once! First up are the mighty 14-Pocket Cargo Scrub Jogger aka Rhino Ultimate Joggers. Inspired by athleisure comfort, and sporty performance features, these jogger pants can add a new sense of style to your work wardrobe. The fit is great. They’re not baggy like some scrubs pants, and also deliver useful functional features like an antibacterial finish, breathability, 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, shrink resistance and literally all the pockets.

Nurse wearing women's 14-Pocket Cargo Scrub Jogger Pants in pink

3. Performance Joggers - Elevated performance and unmatched comfort meet in Rhino’s Performance Scrub Joggers. They fit like a glove and feature a comfort-inspired fabric blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which delivers softness and stretch. Form fitting without being tight, they’re fashion forward and trendy, and one of the comfiest pants you’ll put on for work. Customers wear these for play as well, loving them for hikes and lounging in all day — they really are that comfortable.

4. Rhino Flex and Ultra Flex Scrubs - Coming in on the list as a fan favourite year after year, when it comes to comfort, is the Rhino Flex and Ultra Flex signature collection. Engineered with comfort in mind for our favourite healthcare heroes, these scrubs feature a premium rayon fabric blend. They deliver a perfect fit for all body types and are made to last wash after wash. They’re available in a range of colours too, so you can get one in every colour (we’re not judging!) to soak in that glorious comfort all day, everyday of the week!

5. Underscrub tops - Your uniform wouldn’t be complete without a perfectly comfy underscrub base layer. Rhino’s luxuriously soft under scrub tops will have you floating on a cloud of happy all day long. Made from a silky soft premium fabric blend, these luxe ultra soft long-sleeve underscrubs t-shirts are not only the coziest, most comfy tops you’ll put on, but they’re also crafted to last, wash after wash. Ideal for layering under your scrubs, or rocking them solo!

Whether it’s a stylish jogger scrub style, yoga-like elastic waistband, or super soft luxe fabric, there are a whole range of Rhino scrub options to suit your personal style preferences and deliver the ultimate in comfort for your workday.

There are definitely perks to wearing scrubs to work. Experience that “they feel like my fav Pyjamas!” joy by getting into these dreamily comfy scrubs for the best workday, everyday. Which style will you be getting into?!