What Are The Most Breathable Scrubs?

What Are The Most Breathable Scrubs?

Whether you’re a nurse, healthcare aide, physician, or veterinarian chasing after adorable furry animals all day, your workday demands a lot of you. In the fast-paced and often stressful work environment you enter into as healthcare workers, your scrubs needs to performs as hard as you do while keeping you as comfortable as possible, and also looking your best.

If you’ve read our blog on the most comfortable scrubs, you already know breathability plays a key role. The last thing you want to be worrying about is feeling sweaty and clammy on the clock.

But there’s no need to sweat it! We’re breaking down all the details on what to look for when it comes to fabric breathability, and rounded up our most breathable scrub sets for healthcare professionals that will have you staying fresh and keeping your cool all shift long.

Let’s Talk Breathability
Breathable fabrics allow air (or perspiration evaporated by the body) to flow through them with ease, which helps keep you cool and speeds up the evaporation of moisture. The extra air flow can also help to reduce sweating in the first place to deliver temperature control. Moisture wicking is another important factor to look for when wanting to stay dry and comfortable in your scrubs.

What makes a pair of scrubs breathable?
When looking for breathable scrubs, you'll want to keep these factors in mind. 

Fabric Construction and Weigh
t - generally, heavy fabrics with a tight weave create less air flow so are less breathable. Instead, look for fabrics that have a loose weave and are lightweight in nature to promote airflow for more breathability and to reduce sweat.


Fabric weave diagram demonstrating air flow in breathable scrub fabrics 

Mesh Paneling - mesh panels and side slits function in creating additional air vents for easy air flow and breathability in your scrubs

Moisture Management - fabrics with moisture-wicking and quick-drying technology allow moisture to evaporate away from the skin rather than soaking into the fabric to keep you cool and comfortable.

Water droplets with arrows evaporating from surface demonstrating moisture wicking technology in breathable scrubs

Fit - a loose fitting scrub will allow for greater air circulation, but if you’re constantly on the move and your workwear is moisture wicking, it will need to be in contact with your skin to function so you’ll be looking for a closer fit. Easily confirm the best fit by checking the sizing guides for each style.

Breathable Scrub Fabrics
Polyester - polyester is commonly used in workout clothing and activewear for its lightweight and high moisture wicking characteristics. Polyester’s water repellant properties wick away moisture instead of soaking them into the fabric so your uniform remains effortlessly dry and comfortable throughout the day. It’s perfect for performance-driven scrubs and workwear, when your hospital work-life feels pretty much like a workout!

Cotton - cotton is one of the most breathable and airy fabrics. It is also durable and an easy-care material. As a natural fibre, it facilitates the circulation of air freely and easily through the material. The airflow created dries out damp areas of the body. Cotton tends to absorb moisture, rather than wick it away from the skin.

Rayon - rayon offers lightweight airy wear due to its super-thin fibers, and delivers a luxe silky soft texture for added comfort.

To get the best performance, you’ll often find your scrubs crafted from a blend of fabrics to achieve the desired technical features and comfort for your uniform.

Most Breathable Scrubs
Check out our top picks below for the most breathable men’s and women’s medical scrub sets that will have you owning your day without breaking a sweat!

1. Rhino Flex 3-Pocket Scrub Top and Flex Scrub Pants
Enjoy super-soft comfort, breathability and freedom of movement while maintaining a trim, flattering fit with Rhino Flex scrubs. Offering moisture-wicking technology for breathability, these signature scrubs feature our premium Rhino Flex micro-sanded fabric engineered for advanced performance and blissful all-day comfort. They also deliver an antibacterial finish to kill odor-causing bacteria, wrinkle-resistance, shrink resistance and fade resistance.

Fabric composition: 51% polyester, 46% rayon, 3% spandex

2. Sporty Mesh V-Neck Scrub Top and Sporty Mesh Scrub Pants
Get ready to elevate your workday performance with this athletically inspired scrub set with performance-ready fabric, coupled with the perfect mix of softness and stretch to keep up with your every move. The sporty, breathable fabric with mesh contrast accents allows for plenty of airflow and also wicks away moisture.

Fabric composition: 92% polyester, 8% spandex

3. Performance Zip Pocket Scrub Top and Performance Zip Pocket Scrub Pants
Dare to impress with our newest release: the flattering Performance Mock Wrap Zip Pocket Scrub Top and Pants that excel — just like you do! Featuring soft breathable premium performance fabric with 4-way stretch, a slimming contoured fit, a modern sleek style and secure zip pockets. It checks all the boxes — and then some!

Fabric composition: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

4. Luxe Mock Wrap Scrub Top and Luxe Scrub Jogger
Experience next level comfort and swoon-worthy style with the Luxe Premium Mock Wrap Scrub and Jogger! A luxe super soft to the touch premium fabric blend with rayon, polyester and spandex adds new meaning to all day comfort, delivering just the right amount of stretch and all the breathability.

Fabric composition: 77% Polyester, 20% Rayon, 3% Spandex

5. Active Striped Scrub Top and Active Striped Jogger
Designed to have you performing at the top of your game and looking your best, the Active Striped Scrub Top and Jogger are about to be your workday favourites. Featuring super soft, breathable, lightweight, athletically inspired striped tonal fabric for maximum comfort!

Fabric composition: 92% polyester, 8% spandex

Rhino’s selection of breathable, moisture wicking scrubs have you covered no matter how many stressful and sweaty situations the day throws your way. So breathe easy. Go ahead and take on your workday in easy, breezy comfort!