Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing, resilient, trailblazing, smart, fearless (we could go on and on!) ladies out there 👊🏼💕 

You inspire us each day with all you are. Let’s #choosetochallenge and continue to shatter the status quo to usher in an equal and more inclusive tomorrow. 

Inspired by you.

“Women and girls have borne the brunt of the pandemic, but they have also led the fight against it” - Melinda Gates

Women make up 70 percent of the world’s health workers. Despite the odds stacked against you amidst COVID-19, you’ve shown up to care, conquer, uplift and heal. You’ve risen to the challenges and proven you are unstoppable. As you do everyday. Thank you!

We believe girls can grow up to do and be anything. Access to education can transform lives and communities. But today, over 130 million girls remain out of school.

We’re committed to making this change. $1 from every Rhino product purchased goes towards educating and empowering girls to follow their dreams. Empowered girls grow up to be empowered women who change the world.

The future looks bright.

Learn more about our give back initiative uplifting the women of tomorrow.

Happy International Women's Day! Today and everyday, we celebrate you.