Big News! Like Saving the Planet Level Big…

Big News! Like Saving the Planet Level Big…

Big News! Like Saving the Planet Level Big…

We've made the switch to sustainable packaging!

Shopping With Us In-Store?
We've got exciting news...Rhino reusable shopping tote bags are back!

You asked, we listened. Our reusable shopping tote bags are back (by popular request!) and with an all new design. Convenient for stowing all your stuff on the go and great for the environment. It's a win win. Plus as a bonus, they're FREE with any in-store purchase. You're welcome ;)

Shopping With Us Online?
Get to know our new environmentally friendly shipping mailers. They're 100% compostable, plant-based and durable!

Let's Break it Down...

Our new eco-mailers are fully biodegradable and break down in just 6 months (in domestic compost and as little as 3 months in commercial compost!)

They leave behind no harmful residues…in fact the only thing remaining is a beneficial soil enhancer which gets returned to the earth as plant food.

Cool, right? We definitely think so!

How to dispose of your new Rhino shipping mailer:

1. Remove anything from the package that doesn’t belong in a compost heap (labels, tape, stickers etc)

2. Throw into home or community compost disposal to break down

3. Give yourself a pat on the back, superhero. Thanks for saving the planet!

Shop sustainably at Rhino. Look out for our awesome new eco-friendly mailers and reusable shopping totes! 

We only get one planet. Let's safeguard it with every step we take.