Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care Routines and Tips

Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care Routines and Tips

Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care Routines and Tips

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you versus what’s left of you”

Self-care is a huge phenomenon right now and for good reason; it’s actually extremely important to your physical and mental health. Studies show that the average person aged 18-47 show the highest levels of stress and the average person working in healthcare shows four times that amount. Most people argue they do not have time for something like self-care with the idea of a spa day or exotic trip in mind, but there are other more time and budget friendly options to consider.

Health benefits of creating a self-care routine:

Physical health benefits resulting from self-care are plentiful, and include brighter and healthier skin from more sleep and rest, a healthier body from taking the time to eat regularly and embrace a well-balanced diet, more personal time to groom/pamper yourself, etc. The benefits of self-care aren’t just physical. It also yields great mental health benefits such as a higher sense of self-esteem, elevated Serotonin and Dopamine levels, and an underlying sense of a better quality of life.

Self-care Ideas/tips 


-Go for a trail walk and get some fresh air

-Go to a fitness class you’ve always wanted to try  

-Don’t skip sleep to get things done within your day

-Eat for your body’s needs but don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while with your favourite food


-Take a hot bath and do your favourite face mask/skin care routine

-Listen to your favourite white noise sounds: Fire crackling, ocean waves, rain, etc., before bed and listen to your favourite feel good music as background music throughout your day

-Put on your comfiest clothing when you get home or invest in a pair of slippers or fuzzy socks to slip on

For the Soul/Personal:

-Maybe you have a favourite kindness act you like to do once in a while eg volunteering at an animal shelter, feeding the homeless, volunteering at your church, etc., It’s important to give back when you can

- Meditate. It doesn’t have to be a spiritual experience, it’s just meant to be a moment to reflect within your day and to focus on your accomplishments, goals and things to be thankful for

-Reach out to a friend or parent to go out for lunch or coffee and catch up

-Read that book you bought and never got to

Self-care in the end is just meant to be a moment to yourself to reflect and take care of yourself and your needs so you can be your best version of yourself. Let us know below if you try any of these ideas and your own personal favourite self-care activities. We hope you have a great rest of your week (and remember to schedule in some well deserved ME time!)

-The Rhino Work Boutique Team

Author: Sierra U. from the Rhino Work Boutique Team