Top Study Tips for Nursing Students

Top Study Tips for Nursing Students

Top Study Tips for Nursing Students

The good news? End of semester is here. The not so good news? That also means exam season is here if you’re a nursing student. But there’s no need to panic. New on the blog this week we’re sharing some useful tips for crushing your study sessions, maintaining your sanity, and acing those finals!

Nursing student in library during exam season

Start With a Plan
The best way to dive into study season is with a solid study plan of attack. By doing so, you’ll be able to allocate the necessary prep time to each of your finals and take control of your time to avoid becoming overwhelmed or pulling a dreaded all-night cram session the night before a big final — we’ve all been there! But this year, you’re doing things the smarter way.

First things first: you’re going to want to pull out a calendar and pencil in each of your exam days and then work backwards to plan your study schedule. Be realistic with your study goals and timelines. Identify the courses you perhaps might need to dedicate some extra study time to and plan accordingly. Effectively managing your time during exam season is key.

At this stage, you’re probably well aware of your study habits and what works best for you. Are you better studying in a group session or solo? Do you need to make flashcards or rewrite your lecture notes? Do you need the background buzz of a public space or complete quiet to be in the zone? Take note of how you study best and build it into your study plan.

Effective Study Techniques
It’s important to identify an approach to studying that works best for you. If you’re a visual learner, you may want to turn to video learning content or using a whiteboard to learn your course content. Alternatively, if you’re an auditory learner, you may find it helpful to listen over your pre-recorded lectures and make notes as you go. Whatever method works for you, identify it and use it to your advantage.

Short dedicated study spurts will allow you to retain your learnings far better than long sessions of information overload or last minute cramming.

Make use of flashcards. They can be great study aids and help with simplifying to better understand concepts, as well as better retaining the information you learn. They’re also handy for reviewing on the go in the midst of an unavoidably busy exam season.

Be strategic in how you study. There’s a lot of information to digest in your nursing school textbooks, lecture notes and course material. Attending review sessions your professors might offer prior to exams can be super helpful in pinpointing particular areas to focus your studying. Make use of old exams and practice exam questions when available to get an idea of what to expect on test day and how best to prepare.

Study Groups
Even if you study best alone, you may find it helpful to sit in on a few study group sessions. You can talk through any areas you might need clarification on, as well as identify any areas you might have missed in your solo study sessions. Study groups can also be a much needed boost of support — it never hurts to know you’re not in it alone!

nursing student study group

Rest, Recharge & Eat Well
Exam season can get stressful and overwhelming fast. Make sure you build dedicated breaks and rest time into your study schedule so you can recharge and hit the books again fresh. Going outside for a walk, taking a coffee break with a friend, or watching an episode of your favourite guilty pleasure tv show can all be great ways to reset your mind and enjoy a well deserved study break. Most importantly, get a good night’s sleep and plenty of rest. You’ll comeback more productive and refreshed. And don’t forget to eat nutritious meals, stay hydrated and reach for healthy study snacks to give you some extra brain fuel.

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Best of luck with your studying and finals season. Remember to breathe. You’ve got this!