A Message to Our Rhino Community - COVID-19

To Our Rhino Community,

In the midsts of these complicated and unprecedented times with the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to reach out to you.

No one understands the gravity of this situation better than you, the healthcare workers bravely, tirelessly, and compassionately working to keep everyone safe and cared for on the frontlines each day.  

You are at the heart of what we do at Rhino. We want you to know we have your backs, too, and are here to support you during this time. 

We feel a responsibility to do our part. We want to ensure that all healthcare workers have access to fresh, clean scrubs that will protect you and your patients as we tackle this head-on. Therefore, we are temporarily slashing all Rhino Premium scrub prices by 40% and all regular priced Rhino Scrubletix by 25%.

As we navigate these challenging times, we are reminded that we are stronger as a community. Together we will overcome. 

We thank you for all you are doing and wish you good health. 

Take good care,