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Nurse Essentials for Healthcare Heroes

Nurse Essentials for Healthcare Heroes

You’re on your 11th consecutive hour of work. Patient buzzers are ringing constantly. You’re filling out endless charts. The nurse for the next shift just called in sick, so you have to stay late. You forgot your bag of nurse essentials at home. And you’ve lost track of where the stains on your scrubs even came from. Sound familiar? 

Being prepared with the nursing gear you need provides comfort and stability in a chaotic work environment. The proper healthcare items help you stay sharp, and they also keep you comfortable no matter what kind of mess you’re dealing with. You need these top nurse must-haves —stat! 

Let’s go over nurses' essentials that can make your day-to-day even better. We’ll also discuss some excellent resources nurses can take advantage of, as well as important self-care rituals. 

Nurse Bag

This item is one of the most important daily nursing essentials . Nurse bags provide storage and organization for all the things you use most frequently. Nurse bag essentials include a change of clothes, hand sanitizer, phone charger, eye drops, and pens. Make sure you select a bag that’s durable and roomy, with lots of smaller compartments.  

High-Quality Scrubs

You spend the entirety of every shift in your scrubs , so make sure the material is sturdy, comfortable, and easy to wash. An experienced nurse often prefers dark colors and patterns—you don’t want those mystery stains making an appearance day after day.


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Stethoscope and Thermometer 

Every healthcare worker knows the importance of thermometers and stethoscopes to help monitor and diagnose patient conditions. Even with the high-tech diagnostic tools now available, you’ll find yourself using these vital nurses’ essentials as often as once or twice every hour

Neck Pillow

Many nurses suffer from chronic fatigue due to their long shifts, hours of overtime, and unforgiving schedules. Exhaustion leads to dangerous on-the-job mistakes and poor overall health. 

A high-quality neck pillow makes it easier to catch a few minutes of sleep during your breaks. When it comes to nurse essentials , naps are crucial. Even a 20-minute nap has been shown to improve energy, self-confidence, and performance. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The smooth, nonporous surface of stainless steel makes it very difficult for bacteria and germs to survive. It’s also easy to clean, making it the ideal choice for a frequently handled item such as a water bottle . Staying hydrated is one of the most commonly overlooked nurse needs . 

Drinking water is scientifically proven to reduce fatigue and increase focus, which is critical during long shifts.

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Compression Socks

Why add compression socks to your nursing gear toolkit? They improve circulation in your legs, helping to decrease leg pain. They prevent the buildup of fluid in your muscle tissue when you’re on your feet all day, reducing fatigue. They also keep blood from pooling in your legs, making blood clots less likely. Modern compression socks now come in fun colors and patterns too.  

Nursing Shoes

Help! My feet are killing me! Among the many things nurses need , proper footwear is one of the most critical. 

Due to nurses working for many hours on their feet, up to 43% of these healthcare heroes suffer from foot and ankle pain. Comfortable footwear with arch support helps alleviate these issues and reduce the impact of your steps on hard floors. Prescription insoles are also highly recommended nursing must-haves . 

Unscented Hypoallergenic Skincare

Health care workers are constantly scrubbing and sanitizing, and this process takes a toll on your skin. It’s important to keep your skin clean and moisturized, but it’s equally vital to keep vulnerable patients in mind when selecting skincare products. Unscented skincare products are nurses’ must-haves . 

These products are especially prevalent as NICU nurse essentials . Anyone working in the neonatal intensive care unit, palliative care, ICU, or chemotherapy ward knows how hyper-sensitive their patients are to scented products. 

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How many nurses are registered in each province across Canada?

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Quick, Healthy Snacks

Ready-to-eat foods are nurse essentials for work . Keep a stash of high-energy foods on hand for snacking emergencies. Protein bars, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and crackers and cheese are all simple, healthy options. Just make sure you are aware of any patient allergies. 

Medical-Grade Face Masks and Gloves

Any medical professional needs an endless supply of masks and gloves . The Covid-19 pandemic has made these everyday nursing must-haves a hot commodity. Always ensure you have a stockpile of these items, as they are often back-ordered.  

Don’t Forget – Not All Nursing Essentials are Physical Items 

In addition to the everyday things nurses need at work, there are many overlooked self-care aspects that are absolutely critical. 

Nurses are well-known for neglecting their own health, while focusing on taking care of others. According to the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions , 1 in 3 nurses cope with depression. A quarter of nurses surveyed have anxiety and burnout. Now is the time to focus on the mental, emotional and physical health of our essential workers. 


Many nurses experience back pain, neck issues and headaches. Massage therapy can help with these issues, and is often covered by healthcare plans. Once you’ve experienced the pain relief and stress reduction massage provides, it may become one of your favorite nurse essentials for work .


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Self-Care and Wellness

There are many ways to combat the stress caused by a demanding work environment. Meditation and breathing techniques help reduce anxiety. Preparing and freezing meals on your days off saves time and contributes to healthier eating habits. 

Avoiding alcohol helps reduce fatigue, depression and weight gain. A nurse needs to take care of their own body and mind in order to continue providing excellent care for their patients. 

Mental Health Programs

Support and encourage one another! Nurses’ unions provide mental health services for any nurse who needs help. Recently graduated nurses may not be aware of such programs. Send a text message to all the other nurses in your life , reminding them of the helpful resources available when they’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Where Can I Find Top-Quality, Affordable Nurse Essentials? 

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